Curt Hits 250!

No, this isn’t my new weight since I started my own business. It’s also not my career batting average (although doing so would probably land me a job with the Washington Nationals). What is the 250? It’s the number of folks that Newport Enterprises has trained in CPR this year!

250 may or may not seem like very many people. To me, it seems like a lot. The reason is that about 50 of these certifications came before I took the company full time on July 14. That means since then, I’ve trained 200 people in about 4 months, which would work out to about 600 in a year. This also takes into account a fairly slow July and August as many people were on vacatioin.

I’m proud of this number, as it reflects not only some hard work on my part, but also in our communities. The vast majority of these certifications are NOT people who are required to have CPR for a job. It is folks who are learning CPR because they WANT to. New parents, church members, sports coaches.

Sure, I have certified a number of folks who are required to have CPR and/or First Aid. Personal trainers, fitness coaches, doctors, nurses, preschool teachers, daycare providers, and more. However, part of my goal is to get more knowledge out there in the hands of the public.

So, thanks to YOU, more knowledge is out there, and that means more of us can make a difference by being in the right place at the right time. Whether you live in Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier or anywhere in Northern Virginia or Maryland or DC. If you or your friends have a desire to learn CPR, I will bring it to you.