Newport Enterprises Class and Exam Policies

UPDATED 1/15/2020

Please read this entire document. By registering, you are agreeing to all policies:

Newport Enterprises, LLC, reserves the right to cancel any class within 48 hours of the class start time, when foreseeable, and at any time in an emergency situation. When a class is canceled due to weather, illness, or lack of participants, Newport Enterprises, LLC. will make every effort to place the customer in another class convenient to you at no additional cost. Should there be no mutually agreeable alternate class, customer will be entitled to a full refund, less any book fees, as specified below.

Weather Related Cancellations / Delays

Newport Enterprises reserves the right to cancel classes due to adverse weather conditions. We will take into account the recommendations of Loudoun County and Fairfax County Public Schools, and/or the public school districts in the areas where the classes are being offered, and will update class status on the main page of our website, and will also send an email to all participants with any change information. If local public schools cancel classes and Newport Enterprises does not, you may switch to another available class (with notification at least 2 hours before class start time via email), with no change fees being assessed. For weekend classes (when there are no school notifications), class switches or refunds will only be considered on a case by case basis, and will only be considered if there has been snow or freezing precipitation recorded at Dulles International Airport (or your closest major commercial airport or verified weather reporting station as per The Weather Channel and www.weather.com) in the 24 hours prior to class. If you have any questions, please contact us for clarification. The bottom line is we take your safety seriously, and do not want to risk travel in hazardous conditions. At the same time, we realize that you depend on getting your certifications in a timely manner, and we owe it to all participants to only cancel classes in extreme situations wherever possible.

For class cancellations received at least 7 days prior to class: 

If text book or CD is opened, credit or refund will be issued in the amount paid, less the retail cost of the materials, which vary based on class. If text book or CD is returned in new and unopened condition, full credit or refund of the class fee will be issued upon receipt of unused materials.

For cancellations received less than 7 days before class, all cancellations will be assessed a $25 cancellation fee.

For cancellations received less than 48 hours before class, refunds are not available. However you may substitute another participant, per the substitution guidelines, below.

Substitutions: You may substitute another individual for the enrolled person, if notice is given at least 24 hours prior to class. There is a $25.00 processing fee for substitutions, plus any costs that may be associated with the re-shipping of pre-work materials. The $25.00 processing fee will be waived with the first substitution for a particular “slot” in class, but re-shipping charges may still apply.

Changing Classes: Due to the strict instructor to student ratios required for most classes, any requests to switch from one class to another may prevent another student from attending the class if the request is made too close to the class time. As such, requesting to change from one class to another, within 48 hours of the start of the class, will incur a $25 class change fee. For class changes requested more than 48 hours prior to the start of class, the class change fee will be waived for the first class change request. After one class change fee waiver has been granted, any additional class change requests or substitutions will incur the fee. Only one waiver per person per slot will be granted. Once you have changed classes, you forfeit the right to cancel your spot 7 days in advance to obtain a refund. In other words, you can’t use your free change to change to a class a long time away, and then cancel it more than 14 days out to get a full refund. That is trying to work the system, and is taking advantage of our good nature in allowing a free change for an emergency situation. This is not our first rodeo.

No Shows: How rude! If a customer fails to show up for a class, and fails to call before class, the class fee has been forfeit. Calling 5 minutes before class is rude, too. You had to know before then that you wouldn’t make it. Anybody who has no-showed for a class may request a slot in a future class, however class change and substitution fees will apply. You are making a commitment to attend a class, and are likely taking up a spot that somebody else needs. In the rare case that you have been admitted to the hospital, and were not discharged until after class, please be prepared to provide supporting documentation that this was the case, if you wish for us to consider waiving your change fees.

Late: Also rude. Please plan ahead. There is traffic in your area. You may not be familiar with where the class is being held. You may have to drive a long ways. The weather may be bad. There may be an accident on the way. There may be a herd of wild alpacas loose on the highway. We try very hard to start on time, and are committed to doing so for the benefit of those who make it on time. We reserve the right to remove you from class if you arrive late. All material is critical to your passing of the certification exams. There are links and maps to all of your training locations, along with phone numbers of the locations on our website. Please get directions in advance, in whatever method that works for you. It is highly recommended that you know where you are going BEFORE you leave for class. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU ARE DENIED ENTRY TO CLASS BECAUSE YOU ARE LATE. 1 minute late will probably get you in. Fifteen minutes late will not.

Length Of Class: Generally, the scheduled end time is what you should expect, but there is a chance things could go early…or late. That’s just the nature of training, and sometimes we need to expect the unexpected. If class is scheduled to go until 2pm, it’s really not suggested that you plan something else for 2:30 on the other side of town. That’s cutting it pretty close. Also, please don’t ask if you can “test first” so that you can get out early. We all have stuff to do, and I promise you that we won’t take anymore time than is absolutely necessary to get things done properly, and we appreciate your understanding.

Languages offered: This is important. Unless otherwise indicated, all classes will be conducted in English. A limited number of Spanish textbooks and Spanish examinations may be available on the day of class. If you wish to be tested in a language other than English, please let our office know at the time of registration, or as soon as possible. Additional costs may be incurred for rush shipping of non-English exams. We highly recommend that you contact us before requesting a foreign language book or exam, so that we may have a better chance at giving you an accurate quote. There will be no refunds for express shipping and handling of a foreign language book or exam under any circumstances. There will be no refunds if you thought that your command and understanding of the language being spoken that day is NOT sufficient to understand the information, or to take a required written exam. While we will make an effort to ensure understanding of the key concepts, it is not fair to the rest of the class if we have to spend excessive amounts of time for one or two students who are struggling with the language. We may be able to offer private instruction for the language you are interested in, so please feel free to inquire. We need some advanced notice, though, to be able to have a chance to accommodate translator requests, and there will be an additional cost if we need to secure a translator. Bottom line: Ask first. Makes sense.

Positive Identification: Many of the classes we offer require us to verify identification. Apparently, some people have thought it was a good idea to take a class and exam in somebody else’s name, and have messed it up for all of us. Therefore, if you are attending a class that requires positive identification (CPO, ServSafe, Certain CPR and ALS Classes), you MUST bring a valid, Government Issued Photo Identification. If you are required to have one, and you do not bring it, you will not be allowed to participate or certify in the material. Please understand that these are not our rules, but the rules and requirements of the certifying bodies we represent. Some of you might be spies, so we have to check. Every time. If you’re not sure if you need to bring ID or not, ask us. Better yet, just go ahead and bring it. Seriously. That’s a good life lesson, anyways.

Pricing changes and policies: We reserve the right to change prices and policies. However, once you have paid for a class, you’re locked in at that rate. That’s only fair. This isn’t TimeShare.

Payment: All prices are stated and payments made in US Dollars. If you are paying in a different currency, be aware that your bank may charge a different exchange rate than the current market rate, and may assess fees. We are not responsible for any of these fees, or the rates they are charging. Seriously. We’re not a bank.

Class Textbooks: We do not require anything that the curriculum does not require. If there is something that is required, like a class textbook, you don’t even have to get it from us. If you know somebody that has the book that you need, please feel free to bring it, and save a few bucks. We don’t make any money from the sale of a class textbook. I promise. Well, we make like a dollar or something like that. We are not going on an expensive cruise or retiring early because you bought the book from us. Seriously. If you can get your hands on the correct copy of what is required in class, BRING IT! However, if the book is required, the book is required. We get randomly audited to ensure we are doing what we are supposed to do, and can get in all kinds of trouble. That being said, if a book is required, you will see (at the time of registration) that it is automatically added to your registration. It requires a conscious effort on your part to de-select it and remove it from your registration. You don’t get to say “Oh, I didn’t know I needed the book”, or “I didn’t see where I needed to order it”. The required book STARTS OUT in your shopping cart, and if it ends up NOT in your registration, it is because you removed it. If you then decide that you really do need the book, you will be required to purchase it when you get to class, and it will cost you a few dollars more in class, and you will need to bring cash (exact amount…instructors don’t carry cash or make change). If you need to purchase the book in class and have no cash, there will be a $5 credit card processing fee added to the cost of the book, as well, and an invoice will be emailed to you. All certifications will be held until the invoice is paid. Please, seriously, if you are going to need the book, please leave it in your registration. It makes life easier. You may not think you need the book if you are taking this class for the ten thousandth time, but if the curriculum requires you to have the book in your possession, then you must have the book in your possession, and we are not allowed to do “loaners”.

Walk in fees/late payments/returned checks: In addition to walk in fees, $15.00 late fee will be charged for any payment of tuition made after date of class/exam. $25.00 fee will be charged for returned checks. If we have to get an attorney or other collection service involved, it’s going to cost more. Think about it. Additionally, payment by personal check will result in our holding your certifications or your exams from being scored for at least 10 business days, to ensure the check clears. You can imagine what we have been through to necessitate this part of the policy.

Alpacas are really cool animals. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I just wanted to see who is reading the policies, and thought I would put some random information in here. Thanks for reading this far in.

Newport Enterprises, LLC. is a safety training company that is dedicated to teaching and certifying in life saving techniques, as well as raising awareness of regulations, safety standards, potentially harmful interactions and actions that pose health and safety issues putting individuals, companies and organizations in jeopardy.

Newport Enterprises, LLC. uses only the highest caliber of individuals as instructors. Each trainer is certified with leading industry regulators and organizations to ensure proper training, transmittal and communication of critical information. However, Newport Enterprises is not responsible for the interpretation, internalization and actions of those who attend training sessions.

Newport Enterprises, LLC is an industry resource that is presenting regulatory and generally accepted standard operating procedures and safety information. In training sessions, instructors may bring real world examples into discussions however; those examples and information should at no time be construed as direction for attendees for their specific business and or situations. Specific direction and recommendations are not valid and cannot be made without Newport Enterprises, LLC working directly with and organization, company or department to review it’s standard operating procedures, challenges, opportunities, state and local laws. Only after individual consultative sessions will Newport Enterprises, LLC, even think about providing guidance and specific recommendations to a business owner or operator. Any such specific guidance and recommendations are only valid if made in writing, and stated as such, and would be subject to modification with or without notice.

Above all else, Newport Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of adopting and applying critical information, as well as safe decision making and actions as a result of the training and safety information covered in its training classes.

All companies, organizations and attendees agree to indemnify and hold harmless Newport Enterprises, LLC, it’s advertising and promotional agencies, parents, affiliates and subsidiaries and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from and against any and all suits, judgments, proceedings, claims (whether valid or invalid), losses, cost and expenses (including reasonable attorneys fees), related to training classes, materials and topics covered, and understand that they have no relation and are not responsible for individual, company or organizational acts that may negatively, whether intentional or unintentional, create a safety hazard and become harmful to the general public, individuals, companies, organizations or associations.

For more information related to disclosures please contact Curt Newport at curt@newport-enterprises.com.

Privacy Policy

We will not give out your information. Period. To the extent that we are required to share your certification information by law, or by the policies required by the organization we certify you with, we may be obligated to share specific information to those respective agencies. However, you can rest assured that we hate spam, we hate annoying phone calls, and will not knowingly do anything that could cause you more.