When You Care Enough To Hit The Print Button

It’s nice to be loved.

This time of year, I am reminded how much I am loved, and how important my business is to many businesses, by the annual tradition of sending out Christmas Cards. Excuse me. I believe the accepted term is now Traditional Holiday Intended Nonspecific Greeting Cards. These days, the T.H.I.N.G. Cards are rolling in by the gross, and I am so very pleased.

I am pleased that somebody took the time to add me to their master database export. That they actually peeled the label off of the envelope, and stuck not only that but a stamp, as well (or even ran my envelope through the meter. How festive!). I’m further tickled that they cared enough to pre-print their holiday greetings, and even paid a few extra dollars to have their name not only pre-printed, but to have it pre-printed in a non-black, script-looking ink, so that it appears to have actually been signed. By a person.

It’s thoughtful to rank so high, that somebody actually hit the “print” button.

Ungrateful? Well, maybe. I’m just curious, though, as to when sending T.H.I.N.G. Cards became an annual business practice? This time of year, we should be thanking our most loyal customers, and personally wishing them good luck, success, a prosperous New Year, something like that. Of course, many businesses  have such extensive lists, it’s hard to hand address that many envelopes. Heck, I used to know a guy who’s personal list was over 500 names (and he still hand addressed each envelope, AND wrote a personal note in each card.)

One could say, with holiday decorations sprouting up around Labor Day, that the holiday period has really become commercial and non-personal. The massive dumps of T.H.I.N.G. Cards really does nothing to change that notion.

I would submit that we could all consider to at least sign our own cards. Maybe even hand write a little something…..even if it’s just “thanks for your business”, or “Happy Holidays to Jane and the kids”. Hey, that even works on personal cards, too.

Just a little something to know that you did something besides hit print, and have your assistant or your kids stuff envelopes.

It’s nice to be loved.