Thank You For Calling 911. Please Hold……

In June, 2012, the Fairfax County, Virginia, 911 system failed. The failure followed a historic, albeit short-lived  storm, which is known as a derecho. Essentially, the region experienced a 3 hour period of hurricane force winds, which caught the region by surprise. The expected power issues were experienced, compounded by the failure of 2 generators to start up, creating a cascading… read more →

What Should Go In A Sports First Aid Kit?

By Dr. Paul Auerbach No youth sports team or competition should be without a first aid kit designed to treat the most common injuries and illnesses that might be encountered. Match the contents to the sport: The type of first aid that may be required varies by sport. Because bruises, abrasions, and sprained ankles are more common in baseball, a… read more →