Proper Tick Removal

Please watch this video, for proper tick removal technique. (And you wondered what the tweezers in your First Aid kit were for....)   Newport Enterprises highly qualified instructors are experts in teaching a full range of healthcare courses, including CPR Training, First Aid Training, BLS Training, and ACLS training. Each course follows American Heart Association guidelines. Newport Enterprises provides training… read more →

Thank You For Calling 911. Please Hold……

In June, 2012, the Fairfax County, Virginia, 911 system failed. The failure followed a historic, albeit short-lived  storm, which is known as a derecho. Essentially, the region experienced a 3 hour period of hurricane force winds, which caught the region by surprise. The expected power issues were experienced, compounded by the failure of 2 generators to start up, creating a cascading… read more →